Robinhood Broker:
Review for India

Posted on 22 February 2021
Zaine Allen
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The right helper on the path to professional trading — Robinhood
Our world has become more convenient and comfortable thanks to modern technologies. A large number of people work and earn money without even leaving their homes. This is very convenient, because he does not waste time on the way to the workplace, and can also work even in quarantine or isolation. Moreover, some sites offer to conclude profitable deals and making money.

The main task is to choose a quality site that offers the best conditions. There are many trading firms on the Internet that promise high-profit margins, reliability, and security. But only a high-quality broker will take care of all aspects and create the best conditions for trading.

Important information about online trading

Robinhood trading platform have an excellent reputation and offer clients a wide range of options. With a good set of tools, the client can make money every day. The basic principle of trading is "buy cheaper, sell more". The user selects the most volatile asset (it can be a currency, cryptocurrency, raw materials, gold, company shares, etc.), determines the entry point, and carries out the transaction. After the price has risen significantly, he sells the asset, making a profit. Many professional users have made days trading their main way of making money. However, the client can also make money on the fall in the value of the asset.
Options trading principles
• Digital options. This method is best suited for traders who prefer security and stability. Because here the expiration time is weeks or even months. This allows you to calculate all the nuances and predict the situation of a change in the course as accurately as possible. But the percentage of profit from a successful transaction is higher here;

• Turbo Option. These options are not long-lasting, the expiration time is 1-5 minutes. But here the profit from a successful transaction can reach 100-200%. Of course, the risks are high, and it will not be possible to make a thorough analysis, but this method attracts many gambling traders looking for good money;

• Call/Put. The user must select a suitable asset, choose an expiration time, and determine the direction of price movement. If the value of the asset becomes higher after the specified period (Call) or lower (Put), then the transaction is successful and brings profit to the user. Otherwise, the money remains with the broker;

• Touch/No-Touch. Another popular method is also offered by Robinhood. There is a certain limit (above or below the present value). The client's task is to analyze the situation and determine whether the price will reach the specified indicator (Touch) or not (no-Touch). An additional advantage of this method is that the trader can take profit without waiting for the expiration date (if the "Touch" condition is met);

• In/Out. Another popular tool for day traders. In this case, the asset has two boundaries (top and bottom) that form a segment. The asset value can stay within this corridor (In) or go beyond it (Out). In the case of a successful forecast, the trader makes a profit.

• Spread. One of the most complex types of trading instrument available to Robinhood users. Because here the user must not only determine the direction of movement of the asset value but also its exact price after the expiration period. It is difficult and recommended only for professional traders, but it brings a large percentage of profit.

Best Broker Analysis

The first step on the path to successful trading is analyzing every platform available. Therefore, before opening brokerage accounts, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of all aspects of the company. The information provided in this review will tell you about all the main features of the Robinhood firm.

Start of successful work

Robinhood logo
The Robinhood service has been operating for over six years, and its founders are American classmates Baiju and Vlad. Two enterprising students graduated from Stanford (USA) and moved to New York. Here, they developed a plan to create the best CFD and cryptocurrency trading broker that will offer users the best conditions. A few years later, a press release of the platform took place in Menlo Park (California), and six months later, the launch of the service. In 2013, they registered a company and started promoting the company. In 2017, the official website was opened, which became very popular, and today Robinhood in India, South Africa, and other countries occupy a leading position and many American residents prefer it for trading.

Licenses and Official Documents

Of course, many potential clients are interested in the question - "is Robinhood available in India". The company was created by American enthusiasts for American traders, operates under US law, and is not available to Asian and Indian users (only if you are an American resident, living here).The firm is licensed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (USA). Moreover, in 2016 and 2018 the company was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (USA) and Securities Investor Protection Corporation (USA). This means that every trader can expect to receive compensation of up to $250,000.


Https secure protocol
Customer safety is one of the most important priorities for the company. Therefore, the answer to the question "can I use Robinhood in India safety" is "Yes, if you are an American resident". Because the platform is available only for American traders. But the American user can rest assured that they are partnering with a secure company that uses the perfect protection technology. The firm uses several levels of protection. The first is the special SSL 3.0 protocol with complex dynamic code. All personal data is reliably protected from hacking, so a hacker will not be able to find out account passwords, transaction data, and credit card information. The second is user verification. Each Robinhood client is verified when withdrawing funds (you must provide documents with a photo confirming your identity). This method ensures that the money is received by a real user and not by a fraudster.

Official site

Robinhood website homepage
Robinhood is also commendable. The page was created stylish, functional, and convenient. Moreover, the site has 10 language versions, so Robinhood trading India will be comfortable and understandable.

Teaching Materials

Knowledge base for beginners
Another added benefit to help you learn more about stock markets and their features. The Robinhood website have a section with educational materials. It contains a huge amount of advice from professional traders, an analysis of popular earning strategies, advantages, and disadvantages. Thanks to this information, you can learn more about trading fees, options, and other nuances of trading. Remember that information is the greatest wealth of our time. And the Robinhood platforms offer this opportunity for free.

User support

Convenience for the trader is one of the top priorities for Robinhood. The company employs professional staff who are ready to help at any time. To contact representatives of traders, you can use the hotline phone or e-mail. The staff will quickly understand the issue and provide professional assistance. Also, they speak different languages, so cooperation with Robin Hood will be comfortable and convenient.

Robinhood trading app

You can use the Robinhood app India and earn money anytime, anywhere. The program is available for all modern phones and tablets, has excellent functionality, and works without crashes or errors. There are many positive Robinhood app reviews from real users on the Internet that confirm the effectiveness and convenience of this approach.
Robinhood mobile app
Robinhood app

Demo Account

Also, in the Robinhood trading review, it is necessary to tell about the trader's opportunity to gain experience for free. Robinhood companies offer clients to open a demo account and get 10,000 virtual dollars on a deposit. This allows free stock trading to be performed according to real quotes and rate fluctuations. The user invests virtual money and does not receive real profit, but this allows him to learn more about the practice of transactions, choose the most effective strategy and rehearse theoretical knowledge in practice.

Individual Settings

Also, in the Robinhood stock review, we have to talk about a wide range of trading settings. Each client has a free shares option with information, add those indicators that are most important to the charts, etc. Make trading personal, convenient, and efficient with Robinhood services.

Assets for Trading

After you have learned more about free trades, you need to put this knowledge into practice. The firm offers an excellent set of trading tools that is larger than Robinhood alternatives. The user can choose the asset that suits him best. A potential client has several dozen different assets at his disposal — currencies, cryptocurrencies, gold, raw materials, company shares, etc. The minimum deposit for Robin Hood - $5. Minimum investment amount - $1 minimal limit for Robinhood traders. Also, Forex on Robinhood is available for trading, which is very convenient. Because the international foreign exchange market allows large transactions (with or without leverage).

Profit from the deal

We analyzed many Robinhood investing reviews from real users and can report that the company is one of the best brokers available to users today. In addition to convenient trading apps, companies offer a high percentage of profit from successful deals. The user can choose the appropriate type of assets and get from 45 to 200% profit (Turbo-options and Spread have the highest indicator).

Automatic trading

Robot auto trading
Also, in the Robinhood stock trading review, it is necessary to say about additional opportunities for the client. For example, a user can download and install an automated trading robot. The main thing is to correctly configure the program and specify the priority parameters (entry and exit points of the transaction, priority settings, etc.). Now the algorithm will analyze the market situation around the clock, offer the best assets and close a deal with millisecond precision. Thanks to such opportunities, trading becomes as efficient and profitable as possible.

Deposit replenishment and withdrawal of funds

Deposit replenishment and withdrawal of funds will be convenient and safe for clients of trading platform. Traders can use bank cards Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, electronic wallets Qiwi, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, EasyPay, and others. The minimum deposit for a deposit is $100. Also, when withdrawing profit for the first time, an Indian trader must go through the verification procedure and provide the security service with documents for personal identification (passport or driver's license). The minimum payout limit is $100.

Robinhood gold review

Another positive feature of Robinhood companies is the ability to purchase a premium account. This makes it possible to receive increased profit on transactions, take part in premium tournaments, get priority in the queue for the payment of profits, round-the-clock assistance of a personal manager, etc. Great opportunities open the way to great income.


Now you know everything about companies thanks to the Robinhood app review. Companies offer a wide range of capabilities and provide a high level of security to customers. It remains to make the right choice, register, replenish the deposit and start the path to financial independence.


CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.
87% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.
You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.
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Robinhood only offers services to US residents.
Pocket Option is legal in India. The platform offer a bonus +50% on the first deposit.